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Heat Pump Installation in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, FL

Are you looking for a more efficient way to heat and cool your Orlando or Jacksonville home? Heat pumps are the most efficient. While most homeowners already have a heat pump, some have a “straight cool” AC and furnace or simply a straight cool with a heat strip.

If you already have the furnace/AC combo, you have other options when considering replacement. Instead of assuming the traditional furnace/air conditioner setup is your only choice, consider a heat pump. It requires some electrical upgrades, but generally, the cost savings of the heat pump equipment alone will offset any additional upgrades.

Whether you’re replacing an old HVAC system or installing a heat pump in a newly built home, trust Air Flow Designs for a job well done. Our highly experienced team can size and install your system for quiet, energy-saving performance.

Contact us to schedule heat pump installation in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, or Haines City, FL.

Our Heat Pump Installation Process

Services from Air Flow Designs are quick, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Here’s what to expect when you choose us for heat pump installation in the Orlando area:

  • We work with you to learn your comfort needs and budget. An upfront estimate ensures you know the costs ahead of time.
  • We help you size your new heat pump using formal load calculations to prevent over- or under-sizing your system. An improperly sized system can raise energy bills, cause sweating and mildew issues, and cause comfort problems.
  • We help with comparing the features of different HVAC brands and models to ensure your investment meets your expectations.
  • We place the order, receive your new system, and schedule heat pump installation when it’s convenient for you.
  • We expertly install your new system and don’t take shortcuts. The short cuts taken by many of the budget AC companies often cost you more in the long run between breakdowns, repairs, and a shortened system life span. We test your heat pump to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • We show you how to run your new HVAC system and thermostat.
  • We include a maintenance/repair plan (the Gold protection plan) to keep your heat pump operating smoothly for years to come.
  •  We’ll pull a permit and ensure your system is inspected and tested by an independent third party.

Contact Air Flow Designs to begin the stress-free heat pump installation process.

Carrier Infinity air conditioner condenser
Carrier Infinity air conditioner condenser

Carrier: A Name You Can Trust

Air Flow Designs is a certified Carrier® dealer. Save money with an energy efficient unit!

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

If you’ve never owned a heat pump, you may be unsure how the system works. Like air conditioners, heat pumps transfer heat between the inside and outside using refrigerant. In other words, heat pumps operate like high-efficiency ACs in the summer.

In the winter, a reversing valve on the heat pump allows the refrigerant to flow backward, extracting heat from outdoor air and pumping it into your home.

Heat pumps offer several significant benefits to Florida homeowners, including:

  • Affordable upgrade: If your existing furnace and AC units are getting old, you can save money on an HVAC upgrade by replacing a single heat pump.
  • Lower energy bills: The savings don’t end with your initial purchase. Since heat pumps move heat rather than generate it from a fuel source, they can function well above 100% efficiency in the winter.
  • Increased home comfort: Heat pumps produce air only slightly warmer than room temperature in the winter, resulting in longer operating cycles and fewer temperature swings for more consistent and efficient indoor temperatures.

Contact Air Flow Designs for more about the benefits of heat pumps or to request an installation estimate.

Schedule Heat Pump Installation in Jacksonville & Orlando, FL

The highly trained, certified, and insured team at Air Flow Designs has provided quality heat pump installations and other HVAC services to customers in Central Florida since 1958. When you work with us, you can expect affordable home comfort and long-lasting equipment, all thanks to our quality installation work and ongoing maintenance services.

When you’re ready to install a heat pump in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, or Haines City, contact us to request your free quote.

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