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Heat Pump Replacement Services

Like anything in your Florida home with moving parts, your heat pump may eventually come to the end of its life span. Even with regular and routine maintenance, heat pumps will eventually need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years of service. Heat pumps are essential for keeping you and your family comfortable throughout all seasons of the year. The team at Air Flow Designs will make necessary repairs to keep your heat pump running well, only suggesting a replacement if it is what is best for your home.

At Air Flow Designs, we’ll help you select the best heat pump solution for your home, providing you with the industry’s finest products and services for your heat pump replacement. Our HVAC professionals have decades of experience serving Florida residents in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, and surrounding areas.

Go with a name you can trust Air Flow Designs is a certified Carrier® Dealer. Save Money With An Energy Efficient Unit!

Need heat pump installation service in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, or surrounding areas? Contact Air Flow Designs online now!

5 Signs It is Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

When it comes to a replacement, your system doesn’t have to stop working completely for you to consider replacing it. There are many signs that it is coming close to a heat pump’s time to be replaced. Here are five signs that may mean it’s time for a replacement:

1.    Constantly Needing Repairs

The occasional call for service is normal, but when our Air Flow Design technician is on your speed dial, it is time to have us help you pick a better, more reliable heat pump. Repair costs can add up fast, and when you no longer need those frequent service visits, what you save in money and time will more than makeup for the cost of a new heat pump.

2.    Unusual Noises

Mechanical systems are designed to run smoothly, with little friction and very little internal resistance. If there are constant noises from a heat pump, that is usually a sign that their components and moving parts are starting to wear down. The noises can be traced to specific components, such as faulty ductwork, loose vents, dirty filters, and worn-out motors.

3.    Rising Energy Bills

Heat pumps run for most of the year, so your energy bill should be fairly consistent month to month. If you start to notice a steady rise in your bill without a huge change in appliances in your home, it is a good chance that conditioned air is getting lost somewhere in your home, meaning energy is being wasted. Since we work with all makes and models, our dedicated and knowledgeable team can find the best energy-efficient option for you within your budget.

4.    Inconsistent Temperatures

If there are hot or cold spots throughout your house, there is a serious issue with your HVAC system. A heat pump should keep a constant and consistent temperature in your home. A change of the entire system might be necessary after taking a deep evaluation of inconsistent temperatures in your home.

5.    Aging Equipment

Even with the proper and regular maintenance, the best of systems may need to be replaced after time, especially with products that were made when R-22 was permitted. After all, your heat pump is constantly working, even in Florida’s famous heat. After 10 to 15 years of service, it is recommended that the heat pump is replaced in its entirety. In addition to getting a more reliable system, you’ll likely get a more energy-efficient one, too.

If you believe that your heat pump is in need of repairs, contact the team at Air Flow Designs today by contacting us today!

Our Other Heat Pump Services

Along with replacement, we do a variety of heat pump services, including:

  • Heat pump installation: Heat pumps offer an excellent way for homeowners to keep their homes comfortable all year long. We can bring increased comfort to your home with our professional heat pump installation services.
  • Heat pump repairFrom refrigerant leaks and performance malfunctions to faulty controls and grinding motors, our team will quickly diagnose and repair your heat pump to ensure top performance all year long. Our repairs are never temporary, and we always back our repair service with our industry-leading warranty.
  • Heat pump maintenance: Keeping your heat pump in working order means adhering to routine maintenance. With our maintenance services, our team will ensure your system is working correctly, identifying any imminent repair needs before they escalate further.

We work with all brands and will be able to help make the best decisions for your home and HVAC services.

Contact Air Flow Designs Today

For more than 60 years, Air Flow Designs has been proudly providing the full range of cooling services to Florida residents, including those throughout Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Haines City, and surrounding areas!

With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can always provide top-quality heat pump replacement service and lasting comfort solutions.

Discover the difference Air Flow Designs can make in your home’s comfort with our heat pump replacement services! Contact us today to schedule fast, dependable heat pump service!

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Our technician was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting our AC back up and running, and helped explain what needed to be done to keep it running efficiently. Sarah in scheduling was very responsive and professional and did her best to keep the cost as low as possible while making sure we would get the needed repairs. I purchased a maintenance contract on both units and look forward to routine maintenan...

Christine F.

My service technician was very friendly. He took the time to explain my how my system works and gave me tips on how to keep the system running efficiently.

Felicia O.

Our first experience with Air Flow Designs was exceptional. The technician, Edwin, called a half hour before arriving and was right on time. He tuned up our main AC unit, our mini-split unit in the garage, and cleaned our dryer vents. Very thorough. Highly recommend!!

Christine A.

This company is very professional and wants to be sure they do what it takes to make you happy. I was impressed with their efforts, as they made multiple visits to my home to resolve my issues. Adjustments were made each visit until the issue was resolved to my satisfaction, and there was no charge for the additional visits.

Steve R.

Our Air Flow Service Technician George came and performed our yearly maintenance service. His pleasant and professional demeanor was appreciated, as it has been with previous technicians. His thoroughness in making sure our system was in great shape was the most comprehensive we have ever experienced. Air Flow Designs has been servicing and maintaining our 2 heat pump units for about 10 years. We have m...

Ron P.

Air Flow Designs installed a new A/C system for us and we are completely satisfied. The installers were very respectful of our property, and the quality of the installation exceeded our expectations. We know we made the right decision to use Air Flow. We would recommend them to anyone who wants top quality workmanship at a fair price.

Bruce B.

I've been using Air Flow for more than twenty years. I would highly recommend their protection plan. It has certainly paid for itself over the years. Two years ago they installed new units in our home and they were great to work with. Their service people are always respectful and qualified.

Margaret F.

We were very impressed with the professionalism of Air Flow from the interaction of our first phone call with Monica & Miriam, to Javier who completed the service at our home. Javier was patient and thorough while explaining the different protection plans that were available to us. We highly recommend Air Flow Designs.

Ronald G.
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proudly serving Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, Jacksonville & The surrounding counties