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Can My AC Help My Allergies?


For most people, they spend about 90% of their time in the air conditioning, whether it be their home, their place of employment, or their vehicle. And did you know that there is a 65% chance that you and your family could be inhaling dust mite feces while inside? That is a big trigger of allergies for a lot of people. But before you start to freak out, did you know you can use your Orlando air conditioner to help purify the air your family is breathing in your home? Of course, Air Flow Designs has solutions.

  • Why Can’t I Dust? People think that getting rid of mites involves dusting and vacuuming over and over again. However, vacuuming does not get rid of dust mites as vacuums are only intended to pick up debris, not get rid of the source of the debris. So, to help get rid of allergies, dusting and vacuuming won’t work; you have to remove their living conditions, and they love where it is warm and humid (Hello, Florida!). Luckily, there is help, and it is called air conditioning!
  • How Can AC Help? All air conditioners not only cool the air, they help to remove moisture from it, too. This helps to dehydrate the mites, which slows down their reproduction and movement. This also means it slows their fecal production, the main culprit in triggering allergies. Now, even a home that is moisture-free can be plagued by mites, and that can be caused by circulation. Poorly installed, sized, or maintained air conditioners can create areas where the air doesn’t circulate as it should, allowing mites to thrive.
  • What Can I Do? The best thing you can do to help make your house mite-free is to have an AC unit that is properly sized for your home and installed by a knowledgeable professional. It is also extremely helpful to change your air filters every month and to have service calls.

If you suspect that you have a mite problem, do not hesitate to contact Air Flow Designs today. We can send one of our trained technicians to see what is causing the problem and can offer ways in which the problem can be solved. You can call us at (407) 831-3600, or contact us online. Take control of the quality of air your family is breathing by calling today.

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