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Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Managers


When the temperature starts to dip in your Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, or Haines City business or commercial property, you may get the chance to give your HVAC system a break from the summer demand. If you are a commercial property manager, you know the importance of HVAC maintenance, and winter is one of the best times to perform it. At Air Flow Designs, we want to help you keep your system in optimal shape, so it’s poised to deliver reliable comfort all year round. Here are some tips you can implement to ensure year-round dependability:

1. Use Winter to Perform Inspections and Make Reports

Winter is an ideal time to perform necessary inspections on your HVAC systems. If you require any reports about the condition and performance of your systems, you have the chance to do so at this time as well. This is often something you will partner with a professional to do, and Air Flow Designs can help.

2. Fine-Tune the Cooling System

Take some time to fine-tune your cooling system—you want to make sure that it will withstand the next summer demand. During the winter, fine-tune the system to ensure optimal, efficient operation when the cooling season hits in full force again.

3. Perform Preventive Maintenance

Take the winter months to perform preventive maintenance. If you know a potential repair is needed or will be needed soon, take care of it in the winter. Remember, winter is a much better time to have some downtime with your system than the middle of a hot summer day, so troubleshoot and perform needed repairs during these cooler months.

4. Clean Up Around Outdoor Equipment

If any brush or other debris has built up around your outdoor unit, take the winter to clean it. This buildup will hurt the efficiency of your systems and can lead to premature breakdowns. By clearing a path to allow proper airflow through to the system, you will be better able to ensure it operates efficiently.

5. Replace Air Filters

Go through all of your properties and replace the air filters. They will gather dirt, dander, dust, and other contaminants every time the system runs. If you don’t change the filters, you run the risk of overheating and damaging your system. Replacing the air filter will preserve the life of your system and give your property’s occupants better indoor air quality.

6. Check the Thermostats

Finally, check the thermostats to ensure they’re properly calibrated and operational. This may require the help of a professional, particularly if you have smart thermostats in your property. By calibrating and repairing thermostats, you can have efficient heating through the winter and cooling in the summer.

If you need winter maintenance help for your commercial HVAC systems, contact the team at Air Flow Designs. We serve Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Haines City, and are ready to partner with commercial property managers like you to ensure efficient and proper operation of your systems all season long.

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