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Why You Need to Leave an AC Installation to the Pros


Whether you are a new homeowner or you have owned a home for many years, the installation of a new Orlando AC unit is important to ensure that your family remains cool and comfortable all year long. It goes without saying that a new AC is expensive, so some may choose to save money on this by having someone inexperienced do it or attempt to do it themselves.

However, if you need a new AC unit, it is important for you to leave it to the professionals, and one such reason is that a professional can ensure that the correct sized AC unit is being installed. And why does size matter in regards to air conditioning units? Because a unit that is too small or too big can make all the difference in the way it cools and heats your home.

  • Too Small: If an air conditioning unit is too small for a home, it will never really cool the home it was designed to. It will have to run for longer periods of time, as well as run harder during those periods of time to get the air temperature to what you have it set for. This causes wear and tear on your AC unit, meaning it will break down sooner. It also means that all that extra work your AC unit is doing will result in higher energy bills, too.
  • Too Big: Some who try to install their own air conditioning unit falsely believe that a bigger AC unit means it will work better. This is completely false. If an air conditioning system is too large, it stops running before it has a chance to remove any moisture from the air. An AC unit that is too large will also run for shorter periods of time, meaning it starts and stops more so than usual, which can result in the compressor breaking much sooner.

As you can see, leave the installation of your Orlando AC in the hands of professionals! You can call Air Flow Designs at (407) 831-3600, or contact us online. We look forward to being your AC service provider of choice.

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