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Why Now’s the Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat


Thermostats have joined the growing list of things we can access conveniently through our smartphones. These new, “smart” thermostats can be controlled remotely through the WiFi connection on your phone. Some of these smart thermostats don’t even need you to control them remotely. They learn from your behavior and adjust themselves accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about constant programming. The experts at Air Flow Designs are here to share the benefits of calling an Orlando AC company to help you upgrade to a smart thermostat.

  • Control temperatures remotely: Programmable thermostats allow you to set schedules, but we don’t always make it home at the same time. If you find yourself running late, then you don’t have to worry about the AC running and using energy while you’re gone. Use your smartphone to adjust the temperature remotely to save more energy.
  • Control temperatures automatically: If you don’t want to keep programming temperatures, then you don’t have to. Some smart thermostats learn from your behavior and adjust themselves accordingly. Honeywell even allows you to set up a home zone and changes the temperature based on whether or not you’re present.
  • Keep all rooms cool: Not all rooms cool the same, and smart thermostats have finally begun to address the problem. Ecobee, for example, uses sensors to check the temperature and occupancy of each room and adjusts accordingly. It even knows the difference between you and your pet, so that your pet doesn’t trigger a sensor.
  • Detailed unit information: The only purpose of old thermostats was to tell you the temperature in your home. Many newer thermostats can remind you to change your filter and even alert you to potential problems. With this information, you can contact a trustworthy Orlando AC company to address the problem early.
  • Increased energy savings: Want an easy way to check how much energy you’re using each month? Smart thermostats will generate monthly reports based on your usage. Now you can easily pinpoint what changes need to be made for the best energy savings possible.

A small change to your unit can result in greater efficiency and energy savings. Air Flow Designs can help guide you towards a new thermostat that works for you, along with offering Orlando AC repair to keep your unit reliable. Please contact us online, or call us at 1-800-AIR-FLO1.

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