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Why is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

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When the temperature drops outside, you rely on your heat pump to keep your Florida home comfortable.

The air coming from your vents might feel cool for many reasons. You can troubleshoot the problem with these tips.

Everything Might Be Fine

The most likely explanation is that your heat pump isn’t blowing cold air at all. It might feel cool to the touch, but that’s because heat pumps deliver heated air at 85 to 92 degrees F. This is far cooler than a gas furnace’s typical range of 130 to 140 degrees F.

Considering that your body temperature is around 98.6 degrees F, the air can feel cool against your skin, especially when moving at a high velocity out of the air vent.

Your heat pump can still warm your home by delivering comparably cooler air. The gradual warm-up leads to fewer temperature fluctuations for better indoor comfort. Simply expect longer operating cycles from your heat pump. As long as it maintains your thermostat setting, there’s no cause for concern.

Troubleshooting Why the Heat Pump is Blowing Cold Air

A minor, easy-to-repair problem could be causing your heat pump to blow cold air. On the other hand, a more serious underlying issue could be to blame. Here are the most common reasons why heat pumps blow cold air and how to fix them:

  • Dirty air filter: The HVAC filter traps airborne particles that could settle on and damage your heat pump. Change the filter regularly to prevent it from becoming clogged, which can impede heating and cooling performance.
  • Improper thermostat settings: Double-check that the thermostat is in “heating” mode. Then, set the fan to “auto,” not “on.” Keeping the fan on means it will continue to blow even when the compressor has shut off, leading to cold air blowing from your vents.
  • Disconnected return air duct: Loose, leaky, or disconnected ductwork could lead to a colder return air temperature and an overworked heat pump. An HVAC technician can measure the air-tightness of your air ducts and recommend a repair if needed.
  • Low refrigerant charge: As with ACs, heat pumps rely on an accurate refrigerant charge to function properly. If the system is leaking or was set up incorrectly during installation, a low charge could be why it’s blowing cold air. You’ll need a technician’s help to recharge the system.
  • Lack of maintenance: Since heat pumps operate year-round, you should have your equipment serviced twice a year. Lack of preventative care could lead to less effective performance and a higher chance of malfunctions.
  • Faulty compressor or reversing valve: The compressor is a key component for extracting heat from the refrigerant to warm your home in winter. The reversing valve is also critical, allowing the equipment to switch from cooling to heating mode. If either component is faulty, the air will continue to blow cold until it’s fixed.

Schedule Heat Pump Repair in Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, or Jacksonville, FL

If simple troubleshooting doesn’t stop your heat pump from blowing cold air, you need help from a professional to restore home comfort. Air Flow Designs offers comprehensive heat pump services in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Haines City.

We can perform heat pump repair on any equipment make and model, or we may recommend heat pump replacement if that’s the more cost-effective option. Then, we’ll promote years of efficient, reliable performance by offering routine heat pump maintenance.

Let us put our 60+ years of experience to work for you. Contact us today to schedule heat pump repair in your Florida home.

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