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HVAC Services for Assisted Living Facilities in the Greater Orlando, Tampa, Haines City & Jacksonville Areas

Residents and their families expect a safe, comfortable, and pleasant environment at your assisted living facility. Your HVAC system plays a large part in keeping your facility at a comfortable temperature and maintaining high indoor air quality. It also takes up a significant portion of your operating costs. To ensure reliable and effective heating and cooling while saving on energy, count on the commercial HVAC team at Air Flow Designs. We develop solutions and perform services to keep your facility comfortable with high-efficiency HVAC equipment.

If your Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, or Jacksonville-area assisted living facility requires heating and cooling services, reach out to Air Flow Designs today! Schedule a consultation online to get started.

Keep Residents Cool with Air Conditioning Services for Florida Assisted Living Facilities

With Florida heat, you can’t run the risk of any air conditioning downtime at your facility. Air Flow Designs offers commercial HVAC maintenance with protection plans to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently and reduce the occurrence of breakdowns. Plus, with our courtesy reminders, you won’t have to worry about remembering to schedule maintenance!

If you do experience issues with the air conditioning in your assisted living facility, our team will be there to provide fast and reliable AC repair. We understand that your residents depend on your facility for health and comfort, so we’ll work diligently to get it working as fast as possible. When the time comes to replace your air conditioning system, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your facility to help you choose the best replacement AC system for its layout and cooling needs.

Schedule commercial AC services for your Florida assisted living facility —contact Air Flow Designs today!

Heat & Cool Your Assisted Living Facility Efficiently with Our Heat Pump Services

Florida offers the perfect climate for efficient heating and cooling with heat pumps. If your heating and cooling systems are older and are costing you too much in energy bills and repairs, consider replacing them with a heat pump system. Heat pumps use the process of heat transfer to provide heating in the winter and cooling in warm weather. They are incredibly efficient, meaning that switching from old heating and cooling systems to a heat pump will reduce your energy costs immediately. At Air Flow Designs, we offer a full range of heat pump services. Count on us for commercial heat pump maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation!

Keep Residents Warm with Heating Services from Air Flow Designs

Florida’s lengthy warm weather means that businesses can sometimes neglect their heating systems, risking a breakdown when the cold weather hits. Residents of assisted living facilities tend to chill easily, so make sure that you’re ready to keep them comfortable with effective heating. Our commercial HVAC team is standing by to assist you with heating repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement.

Contact us today to discuss any heating services you require for your assisted living facility in Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, or Jacksonville.

Ductless Mini-Split Services for Assisted Living Facilities in Florida

For enhanced comfort, consider giving your residents more control with ductless mini-splits. These individual HVAC units create zoned heating and cooling, allowing the temperature to be adjusted in each resident’s room to meet their unique comfort needs. Ductless mini-splits are not only highly efficient, they also save you money by allowing you to turn off the heating and cooling in unoccupied rooms. Air Flow Designs can help you decide if ductless mini-splits might be a good option for your assisted living facility. Give us a call for information, or for ductless mini-split repair, maintenance, and installation.

Improve Your Facility’s Energy Efficiency with Smart Thermostats

Achieve maximum energy efficiency by installing smart Wi-Fi thermostats in your assisted living facility. These programmable devices can be controlled from anywhere and will allow you to see and measure your facility’s energy usage. Some of them can learn from your usage and adjust themselves to optimize your heating and cooling. Other efficiency-enhancing features include automatic filter-change reminders and notifications when it’s time to schedule HVAC maintenance. The commercial HVAC team at Air Flow Designs can set your Florida facility up with smart thermostats that work with your system, so contact us to learn more!

Reach out to us today to learn more about installing smart thermostats in your assisted living facility.

Choose Air Flow Designs for Assisted Living Facility HVAC Services in Orlando, FL

We have proudly served the Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Haines City areas since 1958. In that time, we have earned a reputation as one of Florida’s most reliable commercial HVAC contractors. We can install and service any heating and cooling equipment you need, from packaged and split systems to variant refrigerant flow (VRF) and ductless units. We offer a variety of warranty options for repairs ranging from 30 days to five years! We know how important reliable HVAC systems are to the comfort of your residents and the success of your facility, and we will work with you to help you maintain a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient building.

We’re ready to put our 60+ years of experience to work for you! Contact us for an on-site evaluation and service estimate today!

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